mobile.punks delivers innovative
loyalty, CRM and direct marketing solutions to retailers, membership
clubs and loyalty schemes.

Nobody likes being traditional. So why rely on traditional marketing techniques? mobile.punks grows your business using nothing but smart mobile technology. Our mobile loyalty works for retailers to create new programs or extend the capabilities of their existing programs through mobile enrollment and digital offers. Our loyalty platform helps companies attract, retain, and reward valuable customers. The technology solutions we offer: location based services (LBS), check-in, push notifications, coupon fullfilment, CRM, barcode scanning, mobile payment, augmented reality, audio tagging, NFC and many more.

mobile.punks is specialized in professional social community apps
and location-based services for mobile devices and platforms.

Our core competences are conception, design and development of mobile social community apps with a strong personal support service. We are servicing the well-known Oktoberfest mobile social community "myWiesn", with more then 70k app installations within the last two years. With mobile.punks powerful API and easy integration in backend systems you can bring your users, services and content easy and fast onto mobile devices. Profit from our cutting-edge full-service solutions, customer proven platform, mobile expertise and experience. Simply create new mobile social community use cases, provide innovative location-based services and extend your product portfolio.


mobile.punks specializes in design and delivery of next generation mobile content across the full range of mobile devices and platforms.

Content and apps are everywhere: mobile.punks delivers apps and social application solutions for any mobile device and OS, helping consumers get greater enjoyment from their mobile devices. We focus on creating a simple and engaging experience of on-the-move entertainment while making use of everything the modern era of the mobile internet provides. We engage in the gamification mobile apps market, with several solutions to help consumers achieve a gamified and mobile connected life with brands to get more control and brand engagement.